photo by jessica burke 

i grew up surrounded by old stuff and i loved it. 

My dad would sneak antique things out of my grandparents summer home and they would shake their heads and turn the other way. And 20 years later I was sneaking them out of our house and my dad would remind me to take care of it because he stole it from his parents. My mom was frequently found a garage sales on a Saturday morning and boasting of her discount finds on a Saturday night. 

I've always loved old things as long as I can remember, because I'm obsessed the quality and details of older craftsmen and women. I am always seeking out thick 100% cotton denim, linen, cotton that's worn and soft to the touch. Embroidery, hand-stitching, craftsmanship. I appreciate all of these things. A photographer by trade, it was only a matter of time before my stash of vintage things got too big to keep on hand. I enjoy styling and photographing these things and helping you imagine a whole new life for an old pair of jeans. 




(image of me and my daughter by the incomparable ashley kelemen)